10 Million Sprinkle Special 

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Thank you all for the support throughout the years! I'm incredibly lucky that I'm able to do what I love for a living, and its all thanks to you for supporting me! ❤
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2 mar 2019



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kobs 3 timmar sedan
Prateek Sambharia
Prateek Sambharia 3 timmar sedan
whear indian subscribes i am indian
LT GAMING 4 timmar sedan
I am from South America suscrider
Lillian Schafer
Lillian Schafer 5 timmar sedan
6:18 Why was this the funniest part of the video? (In my opinion)
The Random Things
The Random Things 6 timmar sedan
He eats quite a lot of his subscribers.
Aisha surahio
Aisha surahio 6 timmar sedan
Where am I , I am from Pakistan ❤️
neo houston
neo houston 6 timmar sedan
I’m that one kid who likes Mushrooms
Theoddsoneout: hmm It’ll prob happens in like 3 years The people: subscribe!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! The neighbors: oh god he’s gonna do it again Theoddonesout: here we go again
Sweet Studio
Sweet Studio 8 timmar sedan
the sprinkles on the trampoline: 😵😵😵😵😵
Jackson Chaney
Jackson Chaney 8 timmar sedan
Someone’s SElosk channel is theodd2sout
Millie 9 timmar sedan
10 M SUBS 3:59
Jomar Danvers
Jomar Danvers 9 timmar sedan
You look like at 16 years old or an 18
Jomar Danvers
Jomar Danvers 9 timmar sedan
Hi James I love your vids I'm a huge fan
Kylie Minter
Kylie Minter 11 timmar sedan
I am American
Sheila Aichele
Sheila Aichele 13 timmar sedan
It's funny I live in Colorado and my brothers favorite food is brownies but are you a Christian
aexxtie 14 timmar sedan
*I guess I’m not a subscriber*
ertan_omg 15 timmar sedan
Me: freaking out because I hear the Mario oddeysay music
Joe Muto
Joe Muto 15 timmar sedan
Thank you for eating me
Ana Carolina
Ana Carolina 16 timmar sedan
south americans subscribers (Brazil) : Am I joke to you?
Joe de la Torre
Joe de la Torre 16 timmar sedan
let's have a moment of silence for those who don't know who Jesus is
Michelle Bachelder
Michelle Bachelder 16 timmar sedan
The good harp previously request because carp analogically delay near a small pansy. unhealthy, unsightly brown
𝖆𝖓𝖌𝖊𝖑☁ 17 timmar sedan
4:00 Ñn't :((((
Mrbot 17 timmar sedan
what about indian subscribers?
Louise Davisport
Louise Davisport 17 timmar sedan
"20 mil will be a coffin" imagine him ordering a coffin and the neighbors be like "Lets call the police this time"
Abigail Pennyfather
Abigail Pennyfather 18 timmar sedan
I wonder who was the second on
Filip Šámal
Filip Šámal 19 timmar sedan
6 milion subscribers in two yrs you are awesome James!
Lexi_innit 21 timme sedan
Im a Canadian subscriber and he ate me-
Charlie Brown
Charlie Brown 21 timme sedan
EatPie LikeMe
EatPie LikeMe 21 timme sedan
Im personslly the jello subscriber
Oraanu 21 timme sedan
Some say James is still finding sprinkles in his backyard to this day
God of games God
God of games God 22 timmar sedan
You bit me
Turtle Titans
Turtle Titans Dag sedan
People from SouthEast Asia be like: Am I a joke to u?🤣 No offend tho Uwu
deadzone4 Dag sedan
sharkiegamez Dag sedan
Your didn't do new Zealand subscribers!
ForcePhantom Dag sedan
You can actually tell which sprinkle I am, I’m the sprinkle
Beeheh Dag sedan
Love when he says thanks for subscribing mom
What about New Mexico
Shiekah Cookie YT
HEY EVERYONE I LIKE TO PARTY , says causal stabbed minion
FNWZ Crooked
FNWZ Crooked Dag sedan
Fun Fact: Texans don't say yew-haw... but I forgive you.
Sunlight Medow
Sunlight Medow Dag sedan
Me: a new yorker Am i the only new yorker sunscriber :000
jake lawler
jake lawler Dag sedan
james stop
Doomfroggy Dag sedan
The jello subs are Oklahoma Scribers
Felipe Vanegas
Felipe Vanegas Dag sedan
Lgun latino por aquí?
Mia Hangai
Mia Hangai Dag sedan
I do not lay in the sprinkle spectrum
Olivia Brescia
Olivia Brescia Dag sedan
The Arizonans r used to the heat
Nathan L
Nathan L Dag sedan
Remember the part when he said sprinkles
Doorman 2.0
Doorman 2.0 Dag sedan
That's 9,896,108 sprinkles
ViaisLame Dag sedan
Me personally is a jello subscriber
MochaMercury Dag sedan
Image james swimming in sprinkles
Bear and wolf go wild
I am in your three mill and your 10 mill
CMGD31 Dag sedan
***Me who wasn’t part of any of the subscriber milestones James has celebrated and James said he wont do this again be like***
Ebbe Törnkvist
Ebbe Törnkvist Dag sedan
Where's Sweden
nicolas jesua supelano zambrano
I am from SUR America and I subscribed to this channel PD: SUBSCRIBE FOR 20 MILLION.
BEASTMODE_404 Dag sedan
This must be some kind of strategy for success on SElosk. Both Technoblade and TheOdd1sOut both have cute dogs named Floof
bounmee vang
bounmee vang Dag sedan
Not says sans
bounmee vang
bounmee vang Dag sedan
I heard the song that says has in snowdin that is cool
4:01 im right here :)
Chicken Nugget
Chicken Nugget Dag sedan
Eating sprinkles why watching
Kat Tiblier
Kat Tiblier Dag sedan
I know you play Minecraft but please help me build 2 city's on Minecraft bedrock please. (Same thing on pocket depending on the platform)
swampert gamer
swampert gamer Dag sedan
Oh really Colorado is brownies for no reason
Tuch121 Dag sedan
my city was not in this so i am gona dislike👎
Tuch121 Dag sedan
my city was not in this soo i am gona dislike
Masked Fury
Masked Fury Dag sedan
James: I appreciate all my subscribers Also James: proceeds to eat his subscribers
Ratna Biswas
Ratna Biswas Dag sedan
The doggo was smiling
Muaz Gaming
Muaz Gaming Dag sedan
Asians be like: Okay then..... I guess I'll unsubscribe (Btw I'm in Malaysia)
The Red Sheep
The Red Sheep Dag sedan
Look at you now your almost 20 million
bob bakker
bob bakker Dag sedan
F to the minion
Dushmanthi Thilakarathne
Ya forgot Asia
TheReaper Dag sedan
Where's America (North)?
Felicity Prosser
100 and 1000 not sprinkle in Australia
Gabriel Pule
Gabriel Pule Dag sedan
Sorry James, I was the big sprinkle at 7:24... my bad
ellen ❤️🐢🍉🍓🐚🌊🐋
Oooo, I like brownies I live in Co.
IanMasterGames Dag sedan
4:02 Brs de todas as nações vindo argumentar com o james
BabyTuce12 Dag sedan
What about the California vewrs
Tünde Szabo
Tünde Szabo Dag sedan
I hope in the next milestone we hungarians get our own place
Momeme Momomeme
Momeme Momomeme Dag sedan
Was that sailor moon I saw
Momeme Momomeme
Momeme Momomeme Dag sedan
Just imagine you and flamingo meeting each other
Momeme Momomeme
Momeme Momomeme Dag sedan
Next you have to do 20M
Momeme Momomeme
Momeme Momomeme Dag sedan
Sign me up
Momeme Momomeme
Momeme Momomeme Dag sedan
burak misman
burak misman 2 dagar sedan
u forgot turkey
Luka Xd
Luka Xd 2 dagar sedan
You are funny 😄
Alejandro Benjamín Delgado García
Buen video
Steelephantomz 2 dagar sedan
May i say that wyoming isnt represented by a taco! Its represented by the initial logo of STEAMBOAT!
Snot of Rockets
Snot of Rockets 2 dagar sedan
I’m not on the sprinkle spectrum😢
NinjaFire 2 dagar sedan
3:28 im Australian and i could say that what James well do after that the fairy bread (i made one in prep and ate it) is actually a thing we do
NinjaFire 2 dagar sedan
also im on the 100,000s subscriber bunch lol
Tr3k8689 2 dagar sedan
Part of first 1000
MochaCat 2 dagar sedan
when you don't fall into any of the sprinkle categories
imaweeb 556
imaweeb 556 2 dagar sedan
Ive been subbed for awhile but i guess im disappearing im from Ireland :(
mika•edits 2 dagar sedan
No one: James: *casually eating his subscribers*
Mr Chicken man
Mr Chicken man 2 dagar sedan
I am Australian
Mr Chicken man
Mr Chicken man 2 dagar sedan
justundertalefan undertale
im colorado subcriber
VANESSAA sScuTe 2 dagar sedan
cali subscriber here 🙋‍♀️
Kailani Belle
Kailani Belle 2 dagar sedan
Sweet tooths be like: Why are we here just to SUFFER 😢 Wb you Trinidadian subs
Pink panda gaming
Pink panda gaming 2 dagar sedan
How much money does that cost
Kay White
Kay White 2 dagar sedan
Why’d I have to be in a stanky boot
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