Conspiracy Theories and Crazy People 

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Is it a conspiracy that I think you're cute or does that make me illuminaughty
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The odd1s in🤣
dorothy fordah
dorothy fordah Timme sedan
Utilitarians are not real when do you will never be that says another crazy person fat
Don Edwards
Don Edwards 3 timmar sedan
The seemly asphalt biochemically lick because poultry technically terrify as a graceful lily. pointless, insidious nic
Mc Kyle Dodongo
Mc Kyle Dodongo 4 timmar sedan
John 3:16"For God so loved the world, that he gave his only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth on him shall not perish, but have everlasting life."As it was, Please Go Check S.C.1 for more Evidence of the Daniel 7:25 Effect/Residue Junkie's Channel in the Playlists. John 3:16, reads: “For God so loved the world, that he gave his only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth in him should not perish, but have everlasting life.” As of now present Please don't take the Covid Vaccine which could be the mark of the beast, please do research, please go check the channel S.C.1 and Residue Junkie for Proofs of Bible Change and Check Residue Junkie for the playlists Proof of Bible Change and Reality 102.
Your Friendly Ghost Boi!
Bella's Pack
Bella's Pack 5 timmar sedan
YOU'VE NEVER READ WARRIORS? That's a great book seires! Read it. Or dont. Idc
Cameron Santos
Cameron Santos 6 timmar sedan
FreezTae 7 timmar sedan
My sandwich tastes like colours is a similar Haminations quote but I think Bryson took it from here
chonker dog
chonker dog 8 timmar sedan
cool person
cool person 10 timmar sedan
anthony mckibben
anthony mckibben 11 timmar sedan
Angel Gonzalez
Angel Gonzalez 12 timmar sedan
Rocky Raccoon
Rocky Raccoon 13 timmar sedan
Did anyone else find the big foot?
Korn 530
Korn 530 14 timmar sedan
Sum times it is the government there is a video of it guy kept telling his friends police were going to kill him they been stocking him he gets camera sure as shit they were stocking and he did die cuz no one believed him look it up
Korn 530
Korn 530 15 timmar sedan
Lol lsd not a hard drug have u ever heard of someone being permafried its a real thing i no a guy not going to say names for his own privacy but his dip shit friends slipped acid (lsd) in his drink he ended up having a bad trip doesn't remember most of it he killed his 2 friends and his own family cuz of what they did and to this day he swears he didn't kill anyone but its cuz he doesn't remember there was enough evidence to prove it was him it sad he was never same again and has to take meds now to help cope
Hannie Chen
Hannie Chen 15 timmar sedan
3:11 it’s called quarantine
Pax b Studio
Pax b Studio 16 timmar sedan
"woah dude my sandwhich tastes like-" me: a sandwhich? "no colors
R 17 timmar sedan
This video is racist lol
tiky 17 timmar sedan
1:39my fav moment in this vid
SuB2 CoHeN YEET!!!
SuB2 CoHeN YEET!!! 17 timmar sedan
If I could of bin a ninja I would
Steven Nguyen
Steven Nguyen 19 timmar sedan
Daseal 20 timmar sedan
Woah dude my sandwich taste like colours 1:40
Animator.mp4✔ 21 timme sedan
1:38 GALECOOOO1!1!1!1!1!1!1?1?1?1?1?1
Toy boyfriend
Toy boyfriend 23 timmar sedan
This is not just a phone It's my phone
selosk.info/class/video/gY-UsYB3tJqom2g.html The blueprint for all modern conspiracies
lumpu jumpu
lumpu jumpu Dag sedan
Plot twist: James made this because he is the government who lived in Jupiter, he made this to not draw suscipion toward himself, HE IS MANIPULATING US! HE ASKS US TO SUBSCRIBE SO HE CAN GET ENOUGH FUNDS TO BUY A ROCKET AND MOVE BACK TO JUPITER
Aiden Cerda
Aiden Cerda Dag sedan
4:02 Among us
Aiden Cerda
Aiden Cerda 17 timmar sedan
Yeah you know the game
Alex Murphy
Alex Murphy Dag sedan
thats hilarious
Dino Girl
Dino Girl Dag sedan
Javian Gonzalez
Javian Gonzalez Dag sedan
Make videos of how he got bullied in school
Riel Boudreau
Riel Boudreau Dag sedan
Riel Boudreau
Riel Boudreau Dag sedan
My animations
My animations Dag sedan
1:40-1:45 is a hamination reference
Wolf Open
Wolf Open Dag sedan
Added Lives
Added Lives Dag sedan
1:16 4:20 clok
Run Toto Run
Run Toto Run Dag sedan
Ok one nice and calm question that I won’t put in caps... DID YOU EVEN WATCH THE SONIC MOVIE!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!? ITS FREAKING GOOD AND I’M GLAD THEY CHANGED THE LOOK OF THE OLD SONIC >>:(
AMN_yt killer of teamers
TheOdd1stOut: Since there is still four hours.. The clock: 4;20 go brrrrrrrr
GachaLemon. Dag sedan
Reminds me of Haminations "Bruh dude, my milk tastes like colors."
Cataclysmic Dag sedan
“I think dogs should vote”
Light Dag sedan
When you think James is crazy:
-ケリー Dag sedan
If I met that guy I would ask him is the ninjutsu, taijutsu, dojutsu, real?!
V Hyland
V Hyland Dag sedan
chance dobbens
chance dobbens Dag sedan
Covid_19 shot is bad
Liam Gilker
Liam Gilker 20 timmar sedan
Nawal Tashkandi
Nawal Tashkandi Dag sedan
Me and my family have sum stuff 🤡👾👽🤣😂😨
Gabrielyt 543
Gabrielyt 543 Dag sedan
3:15 me after drinking seven Gatorades
William Ooi
William Ooi Dag sedan
I watched Naruto before
Nix Matt
Nix Matt 2 dagar sedan
Conspiracy Theory: James Invented "Among Us" 4:02
Jacob Whybourn
Jacob Whybourn 2 dagar sedan
I belive in flat earthers
Ducky Doge
Ducky Doge 2 dagar sedan
1:40 wo dude my sandwich taste like colors
FSL Animations
FSL Animations 2 dagar sedan
Watch with Vietnamese auto generated subtitles. Makes the experience way better.
ferandra ginting
ferandra ginting 2 dagar sedan
Fun fact: if you search allenbob on youtube that video he showed will show up
Joana 2 dagar sedan
My grandma’s family is full of “crazy people” is funny to talk to them and know their views of the world
Joana 2 dagar sedan
This “target individuals” are clearly not mentally healthy
The Church of the Bell
The best channel for teaching you to not believe everything to see on the internet is The Onion BY FAR
Tord 2 dagar sedan
1:39 selosk.info/class/video/ha51rq2g02h8q6M.html
Mickel Robinson
Mickel Robinson 2 dagar sedan
calling them crazy is weird because people grow in different environments so based on their growth their beliefs vary
Frank—Rojas 2 dagar sedan
It’s not that hard to get a license if you smoke with 😐they don’t ask you if u use drug
Troglodytes hurt me
Troglodytes hurt me 2 dagar sedan
James said in the end card, “… I hope everything will be sorted by the end of July.” Which July we talkin?
Sidark Persaud
Sidark Persaud 2 dagar sedan
L. he's real
Jonny Tessetu
Jonny Tessetu 2 dagar sedan
Regil-saraih Amekan
Regil-saraih Amekan 2 dagar sedan
I litteraly love this video
GaidenFocusJr 2 dagar sedan
Eddie Barton
Eddie Barton 2 dagar sedan
ha. got the L is real reference. Super Mario 64. lol
Channel Not Found
Channel Not Found 2 dagar sedan
1:39 TheOdd1sOut: "Woah dude my sandwich tastes like *C O L O R S* Haminations: "Whoah dude my milk tastes like *C O L O R S* *COINCIDENCE?!?* *I THINK NOT*
Beck Newton
Beck Newton 2 dagar sedan
do you have ADHD?
Dominic Chung
Dominic Chung 2 dagar sedan
I find bigfoot
Logeyyy Bear
Logeyyy Bear 2 dagar sedan
1:40 Coppied From Hamination
Enrico Zigプッチ
Enrico Zigプッチ 2 dagar sedan
LazerswordPlayzYT ☑
LazerswordPlayzYT ☑ 2 dagar sedan
Rob Dinglasan
Rob Dinglasan 2 dagar sedan
i like how theres glue and crayons in sandwitches
Cute little turtle man
Mrbeast is a flat earther
Leviathan Guy
Leviathan Guy 3 dagar sedan
3:29 if you don't get that reference Then I hate you.
Robert Eliseeff
Robert Eliseeff 3 dagar sedan
1:39 M y s a n d w i c h t a s t e l i k e c o l o u r s
Tsu 3 dagar sedan
1:39 Yup
Shooting Ducky
Shooting Ducky 3 dagar sedan
1:39 WhOaW dUDe mY sAndWich TastEs LIke coLoURS
Mandy Priore
Mandy Priore 3 dagar sedan
"Bruh my milk tastes like colors"
SadistFurret420 3 dagar sedan
I like the meth headed stupidity of some people, it's just fascinating
alqia_xx 3 dagar sedan
Winter 3 dagar sedan
I believe that ice cream was made by ALIENS!
Not_Apollo 3 dagar sedan
epic gamer82
epic gamer82 3 dagar sedan
2:17 *the dude was right all along*
T_revTheDino 3 dagar sedan
2:25 Bigfoot
Cursed Fox
Cursed Fox 3 dagar sedan
4:36 Looks like james forgot to add the nIpS
Big bens world
Big bens world 3 dagar sedan
WOah DUde MY SAndWItch TAstES LIke COulERs
Cora Owens
Cora Owens 3 dagar sedan
The simple atom unfortunately wander because self successfully attempt up a innate bus. highfalutin, sincere honey
Kristan Lacey
Kristan Lacey 3 dagar sedan
Jorgeharoo 01
Jorgeharoo 01 3 dagar sedan
I got into an argument with chlorine dioxide users about it not having any property that can heal anything besides placebo effect (they claim it heals everything from autism to cancer to covid to aids) I am studying a pharmacy degree (idk if it's the same overseas but in Spain it's like mixing chemistry and medicine so yeah) according to them it is a plausible explanation that the world health organisation and the president of a country I don't live in pay me incredible sums of money to go into a SElosk video about a scam artist (who sells this thing having 2 fake degrees that do not exist in a university that doesn't exist either) and tell a pregnant lady she shouldn't mix cleaning hydrochloric acid from the store with goddamn bleach and drink it. There was a guy who non ironically drank his own piss bc he believed it had healing properties and another one who claimed he drank pure hydrochloric acid in a shot glass everyday (which I highly doubt, even mildly concentrated acid got in my finger in the university lab, touched a small scratch and it hurts like hell) I learnt the lesson, leave voluntary idiots be idiots. If you try to reason with them you will loose braincells
Pfeffer Hsiu
Pfeffer Hsiu 3 dagar sedan
The murky cast tinctorially relax because tuba realistically heap modulo a grubby gruesome railway. stereotyped, organic pilot
salty s
salty s 3 dagar sedan
at 1:17 , jame's clock is sus (look at it upside down if you're imposr
King fry memes and gaming
"Dude my sandwich taste like colors"
DolphinPlayz 3 dagar sedan
3:52 Wait is that Bill Cipher
Logan Belknap
Logan Belknap 3 dagar sedan
james do you read the book warriors? cause i love it
Danny SIVYER 3 dagar sedan
Turn on captions and just watch
DerpyDervee 3 dagar sedan
1:40 woah dude my sandwich taste like colors
DominatorMuahaha 3 dagar sedan
Ananth S
Ananth S 3 dagar sedan
He told that you could activate your *third eye* by LSD..... w-well...*coughs* th-that's true Jamess
Ayesha Mustajab
Ayesha Mustajab 3 dagar sedan
3:12, funniest and hardest to draw scene. Keep up the good work mate.
RedEnderman SK
RedEnderman SK 3 dagar sedan
2:25 bigfoot
Shoto Todoroki
Shoto Todoroki 3 dagar sedan
Me: Christian James: Christian Me: :0
McDoggoSMP 3 dagar sedan
black screen
black screen 3 dagar sedan