Getting Lost at Camp Geronimo 

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Are you a campfire because you're smoking hot.
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19 apr 2020



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Minecraft Axlee Gaming
Minecraft Axlee Gaming 47 minuter sedan
Aw man
Minecraft Axlee Gaming
Minecraft Axlee Gaming 47 minuter sedan
Minecraft Axlee Gaming
Minecraft Axlee Gaming 48 minuter sedan
*sign* Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhh yeessssssssssssss🙃🙃🙃🙃
HeyBBizdaGtrMn 4 timmar sedan
My bday is MAY 13
James Yeung
James Yeung 5 timmar sedan
Your birthday on may 14th and my birthday is on june 14th hhhmmmmmm
Hayden Patrick
Hayden Patrick 8 timmar sedan
on a second channel you should remake the old videos! your animation has improved drastically so it would be fun to see a remastered version!
Migs 8 timmar sedan
My bday is may 13
Fishstick 9 timmar sedan
2:29 middle finger?
*-Shinju-Chan-* 10 timmar sedan
my father has buzz magnets and then he gave them to me
Grace M
Grace M 11 timmar sedan
5:54 am i the only one that noticed that they were holding hands and they have A and M on their hats AND the letters carved into the tree where A and M 👀
wyatt welsh
wyatt welsh 13 timmar sedan
Front flip … 1:19
Aidan Novak
Aidan Novak 13 timmar sedan
I just realized something! Me and TheOdd1sout share the same b-day!!
Crazed Muppet
Crazed Muppet 16 timmar sedan
0:11 there not British I can prove that by looking at the teeth there not greasy
L i t t l e - D e a r l y
My birthday is April 14th
Wesley Berthelot
Wesley Berthelot 18 timmar sedan
EMM from the marker on the tree was actually from my story animated if you look at one of the videos they will have it in it
Sal 21 timme sedan
Make a poster of Ludwig van BEEThoven
Sitt Paing Khant
I come here tue 15 tune 2021 If you see in 2022 i am happy to see you
Elmo Terminator
Elmo Terminator Dag sedan
0:10 they have more colonies now
My animations
My animations Dag sedan
Oh look a castaway reference, the volleyball, the face? Blood? Hand shape? ITS A CASTAWAY REFERENCE.... I miss Wilson
fox7205 Dag sedan
I like how different characters are represented by their shadow color
Kennedy shaffer
Kennedy shaffer Dag sedan
Hey when your young it doesn't mean that you're stupid I'm still 10 and when I was 7 I got my first dirt bike and I was in the drive way went to second gear and leaned to one side to far and fell and I said it was fun I still have that bike but the spokes broke and I have a Ktm now and that one bike that I was just talking about was a Suzuki.
Gamer Dud
Gamer Dud Dag sedan
This kinda prepares me because ima be going to camp Geronimo in a week
Ana Maria
Ana Maria Dag sedan
Were you in cub scouts
Elmer Ajche Espertay
5:51 wait, this is an all boys camp... does that mean-" "ITS A MARKER. Okay put the speed of the video in slow speed and you will see a Gay Sense
Fern Leaf king
Fern Leaf king Dag sedan
The one dude: how is there A&M at an all boy camp. Me: BECAUSE THERE GAY.
dorothy fordah
dorothy fordah Dag sedan
Do you have a die you’re still alive
Cates Life
Cates Life Dag sedan
My birthday is in may too
Bentley Nguyen
Bentley Nguyen Dag sedan
James. Just because you’r young doesn’t mean you are stupid
Cobalt Dag sedan
No you don’t suck you’re cute :3
gacha Max3333
gacha Max3333 2 dagar sedan
I got one of those P I L L S but then i L O S T them :(
Alice B
Alice B 2 dagar sedan
“Just because you’re young doesn’t mean you’re stupid” My 6 or 7 year old self: Is Anonymous a name?
Rat the rat No cats allowed!!!!!!
You upload this on my birthday
Atkinse Bauya
Atkinse Bauya 2 dagar sedan
He posted this one year ago...
michelle sumile
michelle sumile 2 dagar sedan
Hey my name is paul 😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡
Atkinse Bauya
Atkinse Bauya 2 dagar sedan
Chill down, it’s just a coincidence
Bomblitz 2 dagar sedan
I never went to Camp Geronimo because before I was old enough our scout troop shut down
Shane’s World
Shane’s World 2 dagar sedan
I love these videos
Lettuce Breakfast
Lettuce Breakfast 2 dagar sedan
Me at my school: yall buggin we played bloody knuckles. (Punch eachothers knuckles till blood drew, or one person/both back out)
Pump and other fnf people react and play fnf
7:07 James: just because your young, doesn’t mean your stupid. But is does mean you make bad videos on SElosk Me as a SEloskr with 34 subs: hey!!😡😡😡 P.S. please sub to me I’m lonely
Cookie Juice
Cookie Juice 2 dagar sedan
James Tran
James Tran 2 dagar sedan
I like how he just reverses the clip of the knife game
Emma Thompson
Emma Thompson 2 dagar sedan
Lol me: I wouldn't play be cause needed my hands to draw
Nicole Summers
Nicole Summers 2 dagar sedan
I think you should make a gaming channel
Jerome Games
Jerome Games 2 dagar sedan
A week after this vid came out I got a James ploosh
Stuffie King
Stuffie King 2 dagar sedan
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Stuffie King
Stuffie King 2 dagar sedan
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Paul Joseph
Paul Joseph 2 dagar sedan
Im confused my name is paul….
Zimer man Man
Zimer man Man 2 dagar sedan
Did he said he was dead because then you will not make more videos
Isa Rose Dooley
Isa Rose Dooley 2 dagar sedan
0:55 *me being the only person that understood the reference with the ball*
BerriiCherrii 2 dagar sedan
Hay my birthday is May the 12
Pravam Tripathy
Pravam Tripathy 2 dagar sedan
The compass points to the MAGNETIC pole , which is the GEOGRAPHICAL North pole and the other way around.....I think
Sophia Sepulveda
Sophia Sepulveda 2 dagar sedan
FlukyMeteor 2828
FlukyMeteor 2828 2 dagar sedan
6:19 The tip of the arrow thing on a compass is attracted to the magnetic north pole with magnets or something, which makes it point north.
Amarlee 3 dagar sedan
KitoCrystal 3 dagar sedan
"just because you're young, doesn't mean you're stupid, but it does mean you make bad videos" So I make bad animations myself?
Carlito 3 dagar sedan
Julie Walsh
Julie Walsh 3 dagar sedan
random master builder
random master builder 3 dagar sedan
My birthday is on may 21
kmekos nk
kmekos nk 3 dagar sedan
actually a compass points to the magnetic south pole wich is basically the north pole
paper eater
paper eater 3 dagar sedan
NOOOO NOT PIGGY btw they dropped a rock on him 凸༼ຈل͜ຈ༽凸
senko is here
senko is here 3 dagar sedan
im a catfire !
JØKR YT 3 dagar sedan
Your anime is sick dude
Leah Contreras
Leah Contreras 3 dagar sedan
❤️‍🩹 epic
Leah Contreras
Leah Contreras 3 dagar sedan
Sandra Harper
Sandra Harper 3 dagar sedan
Who else noticed the animal crossing characters? The only ones that i knew were:tom nook(of course) redd, stitches and fang(bc i have them on my island)but i think apollo the eagle was there aswell. 🐻🦊🐺🐼🦅
Brannon Northern
Brannon Northern 3 dagar sedan
Good vid
Not_Karma 3 dagar sedan
"just because your young doesnt mean youre stupid" "but it does mean you make bad youtube videos." me: he speaks facts
Yesmanwithyessoda 3 dagar sedan
7:24 that 1 fan art....
Kurtis Gosden
Kurtis Gosden 3 dagar sedan
Over in the UK I did Scouts....hated it. I did camping at Scouts....hated it.
Natalia Walker
Natalia Walker 3 dagar sedan
I love that he used animal crossing characters as the troops in his camp
TheDiblet 3 dagar sedan
1:14 JAMES WHAT living on the edge dude chill 😖😭
21Jeremy Montilla
21Jeremy Montilla 3 dagar sedan
If you died you would’nd be able to make this video.
Littlewhitewolf 3 dagar sedan
How I would play the knife game butt with a sharp pencil with the song it was entertaining
Shoto Todoroki
Shoto Todoroki 3 dagar sedan
7:09 Me: Yeah...my videos are pretty bad-and I'm 11...so-
Tilasmi Neupane
Tilasmi Neupane 3 dagar sedan
Your brother probably went to the camp too right? Did your twin go with you or were girls not allowed?
Johny bruh
Johny bruh 4 dagar sedan
i thought it was called orientation
MattMatrixAnimations 4 dagar sedan
pauls super power:pushing peps to uranus and james makes him fat
Naomi Creason
Naomi Creason 4 dagar sedan
“till we can all go outside again” *a year later* hah
Jorge Terrones
Jorge Terrones 4 dagar sedan
We have the same birthday.
Carly B
Carly B 4 dagar sedan
omg when you started taking abt lord of the flies you gave me seventh grade flashbacks, ew
Roseane Martins
Roseane Martins 4 dagar sedan
Dontae Pryce
Dontae Pryce 4 dagar sedan
Moosa khan
Moosa khan 4 dagar sedan
James: just because you are young doesn't men your stupid 4 Year old me: throws a Wii remote in the toilet
Kelly Prada
Kelly Prada 4 dagar sedan
We found a secret the A+M is the two boys that were holding hands and they had A and M on there hats
Beanutiful 4 dagar sedan
Why do all fast food employees get famous First odds1out Then Milan mirg
Brendy Boi
Brendy Boi 4 dagar sedan
7:27 (James talking normality ) AHAHA (continues to talk normally)
Toes 5 dagar sedan
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MacOS Monterey
MacOS Monterey 5 dagar sedan
Anyone notice the face on the worm at 4:54?
blayke 5 dagar sedan
He’s 1
Lame Art Animations
Lame Art Animations 5 dagar sedan
Odd your getting buff 😳 😶
AABE Games
AABE Games 5 dagar sedan
Minh Tran
Minh Tran 5 dagar sedan
not how the knife game goes and I know because I play the knife game
Lottop 5 dagar sedan
may bday gang
Caitlin Molyneaux
Caitlin Molyneaux 5 dagar sedan
James “ just because you’re young doesn’t mean your stupid” Me almost cutting my friends finger off 😔
hi xnb ou
hi xnb ou 5 dagar sedan
Moga Maxi
Moga Maxi 5 dagar sedan
Carlosaurus Rex
Carlosaurus Rex 5 dagar sedan
I am from the Jimenez family and Geronimo was my 8th great grandfather
Shivhare madhavi
Shivhare madhavi 5 dagar sedan
My birthday is also on May 14th :O
Shivhare madhavi
Shivhare madhavi 5 dagar sedan
@chubbs Marin it was last month
chubbs Marin
chubbs Marin 5 dagar sedan
When is may??
Hello_Nite 5 dagar sedan
I like English. And Maths.
Krista Peksa
Krista Peksa 6 dagar sedan
I did get a little offended when James said that kids make bad yt videos and he saying my vids suck
ItzzEagle 6 dagar sedan