Monsters You Didn't Know Were Under Your Bed 

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Krissy Steel
Krissy Steel 7 timmar sedan
Security:hey keep it down in there! James:AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Me:pass the popcorn please
That Random Rainwing.
That Random Rainwing. 12 timmar sedan
It’s so weird hearing the remix and meme and coming back to this without hearing James singing
Diana Parker
Diana Parker 16 timmar sedan
Scary monsters **sigh** Furries
if u google nguruvilu is cool
a serpopard is not a lion its a tiger
PopCat  ✔
PopCat  ✔ Dag sedan
The only scary thing in the video was the fact that he was talking to himself
Kingdoom Dag sedan
Kingdoom Dag sedan
Nothing that you said it wasn’t really that scary
Kingdoom Dag sedan
I know one name is the Raxter it’s like some weird monster that has like one tooth and then like it has a back that it just is a weird head 50 legs the bottom
Korbin Palmer
Korbin Palmer Dag sedan
Did U take that fox from magic the gathering
Willow Hart
Willow Hart Dag sedan
1:28 TheOdd1sOut actually Wilbur Soot confirmed??
senko is here
senko is here Dag sedan
who else is rewatching james' old videos
Noah Kuny
Noah Kuny Dag sedan
Love your vidoes
Jayla Steakley
Jayla Steakley Dag sedan
Cartoon dog
Jayla Steakley
Jayla Steakley Dag sedan
Cartoon cat
Jonathan santoyo Duarte
What was the accident
DuckMaster Dag sedan
"Ok Edward" ........ Edward the vampire? o-o I feel targeted
Its Moodsau
Its Moodsau 2 dagar sedan
And turns out he was talking to heself
Tommy Ranger
Tommy Ranger 2 dagar sedan
Who hears endigo’s song at the beginning and during this video?
Amelia Tubangui
Amelia Tubangui 2 dagar sedan
But I do plan on sleeping tonight
Hourly 2 dagar sedan
4:19 а как же снюсоед?????
Riaan Jacobs
Riaan Jacobs 2 dagar sedan
All dragons
Galicar 2 dagar sedan
Furry furry furry furry!
Cheers to all my hoes
Cheers to all my hoes 2 dagar sedan
thoose monsters are nothing what’s under my pet *random person* : and what’s is it Me: my report card which has straight f except p.e I have a B- (worst fear)
That one puppet fan
That one puppet fan 3 dagar sedan
Someone made a remix of this
archilles lopez
archilles lopez 3 dagar sedan
LOL the monster's face is just so funny
Donna Slack
Donna Slack 3 dagar sedan
Scary monster you missed: JaMeS ( no offense James)
Brogan Middleton
Brogan Middleton 3 dagar sedan
Have you ever heard of the spider shark it’s a dnd monster, it’s a shark with 8 large spider legs and it’s lower jaw splits in half when it opens
Drifty Archer
Drifty Archer 3 dagar sedan
A hippocampus is the part of the brain
Santiago Vargas Grajeda
3:04 *"and is is how dream was created"*
Brayden Carvalho
Brayden Carvalho 3 dagar sedan
i love how when james say "have you guys heard of the word, furry?" the vampire and the ghost both looked at the werewolf XD
Gabi and Dani's gaming, memes, Blogs and more.
i think the chupacabra
Stevie.acostaaz 3 dagar sedan
Long Horse
Kerry Federonich
Kerry Federonich 3 dagar sedan
you missed sirens there basicly a mermaid but they lure fishermen to eat and have there bones roght
Liam Tranka
Liam Tranka 4 dagar sedan
Oh you missed the Kraken
Max 🍪
Max 🍪 4 dagar sedan
TheRedEyedWolf 4 dagar sedan
On stranger things
TheRedEyedWolf 4 dagar sedan
No wonder you will get it half demon half go again the Demi Gorgon it has when it opens in mouth it’s really big and it destroys people
TheRedEyedWolf 4 dagar sedan
Oh heck now
Emmy Broz. Gaming
Emmy Broz. Gaming 4 dagar sedan
3:15 Wait, that guy's dad The Headless Horsemen?
Emmy Broz. Gaming
Emmy Broz. Gaming 4 dagar sedan
Quick Grammar correction: IS The Headless Horsemen?
lightning girl 2
lightning girl 2 4 dagar sedan
wen you wer naming snake monsters i was sad that you did not menchon the Echidna a half woman of amazing beauty and half snake with two tails that thy half slither half walk on in greek mitholigy
lightning girl 2
lightning girl 2 4 dagar sedan
i was VARY sad
Allison Sabree
Allison Sabree 4 dagar sedan
The monster under my bed is my sister.
Tonie Alston
Tonie Alston 4 dagar sedan
Siren haed
Alexandria Cannon
Alexandria Cannon 4 dagar sedan
I know no one cares but like not all slytherins are bad like I'm not up to something unless I'm with my cousin (she's a slytherin)
Albert Hook
Albert Hook 4 dagar sedan
snakes dont poop james they throw up there extras owls also do that
𝙸𝚝'𝚜 𝙵𝚛𝚒𝚜𝚔𝚊ギタ
"You All Know About Mermaids. One Part Sexy, The Other Half Is Just Some Lady :|"
Wong LYang
Wong LYang 4 dagar sedan
3:05 That’s dream
Dara the Puppy
Dara the Puppy 5 dagar sedan
Fifi The Hui Hui
Fifi The Hui Hui 5 dagar sedan
I guess those poetry classes really paid of
apenas um fan de undertale :D
have the boitata of brazilian legends :)
Aubrey Summers
Aubrey Summers 5 dagar sedan
I know most of these from Rick Riordan's books :p
RMS Titanic
RMS Titanic 5 dagar sedan
3:13 XD
twert 3
twert 3 5 dagar sedan
I slept nurd
James Perera
James Perera 5 dagar sedan
U should have gone with the scp
John Bullard
John Bullard 5 dagar sedan
I don’t sleep on a bed I sleep on a mattress lol
Tawaaf Inaya Bashar, Roll - 11
I saw a disappearing mean my apartment HAH! beat that no im NOT joking
Tawaaf Inaya Bashar, Roll - 11
I mean man srry
Malak Osama
Malak Osama 5 dagar sedan
a ghol
luc and obbie gaming
luc and obbie gaming 6 dagar sedan
you forgot you mom
Blaze Craft
Blaze Craft 6 dagar sedan
I like the ending
VoltageNight 6 dagar sedan
James arent yo a furry ?!?!?
God Zilla
God Zilla 6 dagar sedan
They don’t
Ken MacLean
Ken MacLean 6 dagar sedan
James some people are born with one leg and and it’s pronounced blem iy yay
Callum Law
Callum Law 6 dagar sedan
Vyrisk 6 dagar sedan
Does Odd actually Dislike furries or is this just a big joke?
how thos the amphisbeana poop
LeShawnPlayz 6 dagar sedan
Bruh the poem is much better then the one I did in 5th grade
Tyler Finch
Tyler Finch 6 dagar sedan
i know what you missed : the cerberus. a 3 headed dog that guards hell.
Nicole Nedelko
Nicole Nedelko 6 dagar sedan
You know half se** The other just so,e lady
Hari Gupta
Hari Gupta 7 dagar sedan
6:06 perfectly cut screams
Jake Agurer power
Jake Agurer power 7 dagar sedan
The last part though
Gacha November
Gacha November 7 dagar sedan
Do you dislike fury’s or like fury’s?
my princesses !!!
my princesses !!! 7 dagar sedan
And two headed snakes are real and i have pet snak that has two heads
The Military Dork
The Military Dork 7 dagar sedan
There’s this one creature in Mythology known as a Peryton from Atlantic mythology. It’s half bird, half deer. It’s shadow is human until it feasts on the soul of the human that the shadow is made of, then it has its own shadow. It’s mentioned in DND nowadays, but it’s my favorite 😂
The Sea Bound Dragon
The Sea Bound Dragon 7 dagar sedan
0:52 first they champ then they stamp then they eat you while you camp I just finished the rhyme so yeah
dagoberto joya
dagoberto joya 7 dagar sedan
Tanish Jain
Tanish Jain 7 dagar sedan
Who is the guy at 0:21
Adam Redmann
Adam Redmann 8 dagar sedan
A bomb that can talk and walk!!!
Oz Man
Oz Man 8 dagar sedan
It's a spooky month
The Serious Chicken
The Serious Chicken 8 dagar sedan
The wendigo, just search it up
Mobile Legend
Mobile Legend 8 dagar sedan
You forget about chupacabra,siren head, and umbrela spider
carlos rodriguez
carlos rodriguez 8 dagar sedan
The cod theme music that is in the back ground🤣
Jenna Corkery
Jenna Corkery 8 dagar sedan
Those things those those monsters they’re naughty they’re not even scary😹
Ghostblade 8 dagar sedan
Did you know that theres greek mythology creature that is half dragon half human it has sword with poison and has sbakes on legs? Yep xd aand i forgot its name lol
Aiden Liekz Mudkip
Aiden Liekz Mudkip 8 dagar sedan
When the video about furries mentions the fox *FUNDY.*
Aiden Liekz Mudkip
Aiden Liekz Mudkip 8 dagar sedan
Elliot Peterson
Elliot Peterson 8 dagar sedan
Them: wow are you calling a amput a monster James : no...👀
Elite 8 dagar sedan
Now ima go close my closet
Zulik Langoba
Zulik Langoba 9 dagar sedan
The odd1s comming out as a furry.
The supporter for every youtuber!
My fears : perverts
Lightning Man gaming
Lightning Man gaming 9 dagar sedan
6:24 yea you did miss one... his name is the odd1sout
Dream 9 dagar sedan
Him : ThEsE ThInGs ARe UndEr YOuR BeD Me *who sleeps on air matress* : I am 4 parallel universes ahead of you
SWAMPuS🏳️‍🌈 9 dagar sedan
As a person who just came from furry music video, I can only hear music
Kevin Ruiz
Kevin Ruiz 9 dagar sedan
This was my bday
Jodee Rebecca Davey
Jodee Rebecca Davey 9 dagar sedan
I Know Them as Dufflepuds
Jodee Rebecca Davey
Jodee Rebecca Davey 5 dagar sedan
@Spirit Bird8960 Definitely
Spirit Bird8960
Spirit Bird8960 5 dagar sedan
For Narnia, and for Aslan!
Cail Salenga
Cail Salenga 9 dagar sedan
I can’t i hear the remix selosk.info/class/video/aJaTt2qDl5ZmzHE.html
betsieswartz 9 dagar sedan
That twist at the end
Sthefany Sousa Moreno
Sthefany Sousa Moreno 9 dagar sedan
00:12 1:06
Flareto 9 dagar sedan
4:54 A snake heaad eating its head on the opposite siiiiiiiiiiiide.
Faze Moses playz
Faze Moses playz 10 dagar sedan
U forgot about the levithin
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