My Girlfriend, My Best Friend and the Barfy Beach Date 

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My Gif is the best Beach
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Izzy Ariana
Izzy Ariana 12 minuter sedan
there’s no way you have a girlfriwnd
Ahti Avloi
Ahti Avloi 23 minuter sedan
11 and aim still vatsing
Clueless._. Alexa
Clueless._. Alexa 31 minut sedan
A girlfriend 👁️👄👁️👌
Mr Wheat
Mr Wheat 42 minuter sedan
You should stop shipping people in real life. If those kids could read theyd be very upset
Alif Alimin
Alif Alimin 42 minuter sedan
Make video about a reactions to animation meme
[в гостях у Джеффри]
did you know that you look like a Jaskier from the witcher movie?))
mr. x
mr. x 54 minuter sedan
I from Russia and l love your video
Adam Animates
Adam Animates Timme sedan
Are you going to make another odd1sout book or is it just one and two
VideoToVHS Timme sedan
3:27 A cassette floppy cd?
Amanda Craven
Amanda Craven Timme sedan
3:24 lol did anyone notice the stuff in the background like the x and the black square?
Kit the fnaf and anime lover
1:00 relatable people on my channel ship me with my best friend
Nukester Timme sedan
i think i know what beach you where at but for privacy purposes I'm not going to tell
Zoe Z
Zoe Z Timme sedan
Hey a kid in my class someone did a book review on your book today nearly everyone we so excited and the teacher was too well not to excited but she was like “ok time to settle down and l maybe we will look into him” so then we settled down
Nirajana Das
Nirajana Das Timme sedan
james do you know there is a move called sailor moon eternal in japan and it will be launch in 2021
Mehmet the MEMESTER
Also auto tune works bro 👍
x Mėrçürÿ x
x Mėrçürÿ x Timme sedan
2:00 ;-; that's a lot of W- words LOLL
Mehmet the MEMESTER
Well i dldnt think jaiden with u cuz i thought you are into boys
Gavin Roach-Poitras
Sup James
ALLO Official
ALLO Official Timme sedan
Most people: secretly hope it’s Jaden Me: secretly hope it’s Dave from boy in a band
Azolalal 0616
Azolalal 0616 Timme sedan
5 years later: ima be a father
Azolalal 0616
Azolalal 0616 Timme sedan
Am I late?
Mikun【みっくん GAMES YT】
Are u kidding is it James?
Jodi Coogan
Jodi Coogan Timme sedan
James: I live in Cali Me who lives in Cali: **Searches on google how to kidnap a youtuber** Edit: Newest google search: *Why is the FBI at my door*
kyman06 Timme sedan
who is it james??????????????? hmmmmmmmm we may never know
kyman06 Timme sedan
WHAT JAMES HAS A GIF. awwwww they grow up so fast
Cupcakes and stars
Cupcakes and stars Timme sedan
I've actually always just seen Jaiden and James were best friends
Mr. Cybertronian
Mr. Cybertronian 2 timmar sedan
Name one Odd1sout video that doesn’t have a million views. I’ll wait.
Cubic Corp
Cubic Corp 2 timmar sedan
PAVAN AR 2 timmar sedan
James: i have a girlfriend Adam:*sad noises * James : but i could technically be into guys Adam: ray of hope
Mia AnimationZ
Mia AnimationZ 2 timmar sedan
Jonathan Geneste
Jonathan Geneste 2 timmar sedan
i'm going to guess his girlfreind is jayden
Jenny Wang
Jenny Wang 2 timmar sedan
It's not pronounced gif. It's GIF
Falcon 2 timmar sedan
*me searching vids and coming across Odd1sOut* Haven't seen him in a while, let's see what he's been up to. 0:23 *I spit out my drink*
Benjamin Monge
Benjamin Monge 2 timmar sedan
James the 24 of october Is my birthday you can say me happy birthday?
Krisbel Osorio
Krisbel Osorio 2 timmar sedan
August Hayes
August Hayes 2 timmar sedan
SansTheSkeleton 2 timmar sedan
Good vídeo buddy!! :D Si entiendes español dejame decirte que eres uno de mis youtubers favoritos :D
Justina Acuna
Justina Acuna 2 timmar sedan
Know how you talked about PBS Kids have you seen Wild Kratts I love them
Alfredo Ledezma
Alfredo Ledezma 3 timmar sedan
James, have you ever heard of bob it Tetris
Dreyus animasions
Dreyus animasions 3 timmar sedan
ima art channle two
GleauxologyTV 3 timmar sedan
[Shouto Todoroki]
[Shouto Todoroki] 3 timmar sedan
Plot twist:James is henry stickman
Emma Stroup
Emma Stroup 3 timmar sedan
The lunch box thingy had and pride flag and pansexual flag on it 💕
Rev2010boy 3 timmar sedan
Floof 2 is me reacting to cocomelon: *6:24*
Alyssa Garcia
Alyssa Garcia 4 timmar sedan
Yeah no shipping ppl that was a girlfriend or boyfriend
Alissa & Aliyah
Alissa & Aliyah 4 timmar sedan
I think Jaiden and James are great friends And you guys need to stop they are humans two and it makes Them uncomfortable when you guys are shipping them !
Alyssa Garcia
Alyssa Garcia 4 timmar sedan
I know your not into boys
Creamy Icecat
Creamy Icecat 4 timmar sedan
I'm actually glad for him
sr world
sr world 4 timmar sedan
Genial q gran video amigo 10 de 10 papi
Nickie Kelley
Nickie Kelley 4 timmar sedan
My dog pukes say too much on car rides
Mucky 4 timmar sedan
James and gif sitining a tree K I S S I N G
Samuel González
Samuel González 4 timmar sedan
No entiendo pero es genial
Jing0826 Prince john joestar campos
Hey odd My mom said it’s my time to get pinned Thank you
PedtoFTW !
PedtoFTW ! 4 timmar sedan
04:13 would it not be "we were not expecting to do this, let alone 2 times" instead of "we were not expecting to have to do this 2 times, let alone 1 time". How would you properly say it using the phrase "let alone"
Mistake 4 timmar sedan
Ra Ra Rasputin Lover of the Russian Queen There was a cat that really was gone
jinx LTRT
jinx LTRT 4 timmar sedan
Oh no no more sprinkle videos
_sunxst_ 4 timmar sedan
If this video gets 800k likes, James and his girlfriend have to do a real life vlog ;)
Helen Kelley
Helen Kelley 4 timmar sedan
its pronounced "Jif"
jose hernandez
jose hernandez 4 timmar sedan
Dang i thot is was jaiden
rolly polly
rolly polly 4 timmar sedan
Tatum Fritscher
Tatum Fritscher 4 timmar sedan
Literally a girl in my class ships me and every mother flipping girl
cheesy life
cheesy life 5 timmar sedan
James, I don't care, gust tell my if you're a furry I WILL ASK EVERY VIDEO, I KNOW YOU ARE, no shame, I am to, YOU WHERE SUBBED TO MIJIRA STRAWBERRY gust get it off your chest.😐
VAkiki Mini
VAkiki Mini 5 timmar sedan
2:20 I didn't know James dog was travis sccot
Banana Player
Banana Player 5 timmar sedan
Dude your blow up costume is amazing it’s my favorite Halloween costume
Addie Erin
Addie Erin 5 timmar sedan
10,000 Subscribers Without Making Videos Challenge
Still no subs. 😭
marybeth woody
marybeth woody 5 timmar sedan
Bruh one of the plushies in his store is 69 bucks lol
Hope Unfried
Hope Unfried 5 timmar sedan
Now I NEED to know who his GIF is
Reid Koehn
Reid Koehn 5 timmar sedan
The only reason you got shipped with jaiden is the video you holded hands and you blushed
Mariajose Banegas
Mariajose Banegas 5 timmar sedan
Hey but I saw how u blushed James when u held jaiden hand when we dared u
CatMan 457
CatMan 457 5 timmar sedan
And it’s ok if you are
CatMan 457
CatMan 457 5 timmar sedan
Hey are you a furry and pls be truthful because I’m one and Pyxe says you are but you deny it so pls tell me the truth
Mr. Ghost
Mr. Ghost 5 timmar sedan
Awesome Video
an ordinary guy
an ordinary guy 5 timmar sedan
6:24 _♩Yes! I was holding that puppy in_ _But now we're at our destination♩_
soccer lover88
soccer lover88 6 timmar sedan
I like your cut G
??? 6 timmar sedan
??? 4 timmar sedan
@wassup blyat I’m a dumbass
wassup 4 timmar sedan
@??? i know and i put the second he said it as a joke
??? 4 timmar sedan
@wassup no u missed it because when he said that it’s not jaden I said it is jaden for a joke.
wassup 4 timmar sedan
@??? u are the one who missed my joke my guy
??? 5 timmar sedan
@wassup Ik that I’m just saying it as a joke so u missed the joke
Fox Boi
Fox Boi 6 timmar sedan
Theood1sout: bites lip Me:ohhhhhh
Crazy kenny 64
Crazy kenny 64 6 timmar sedan
Great video
TheMattMan 332217
TheMattMan 332217 6 timmar sedan
James is a SIMP Obviously I am joking people can like whoever the want
Samuel Xu
Samuel Xu 6 timmar sedan
therapist: james with teeth can't hurt you james with teeth : 0:42
Numnum noob
Numnum noob 6 timmar sedan
Who is your girlfriend!
:D Hi
:D Hi 6 timmar sedan
bet its jaiden
wassup 4 timmar sedan
@:D Hi 0:45
:D Hi
:D Hi 4 timmar sedan
@wassup ignore that
:D Hi
:D Hi 4 timmar sedan
@wassup no stop it
wassup 5 timmar sedan
•.Cherry Cremé.•
•.Cherry Cremé.• 6 timmar sedan
I want a dreamworks movie production of floof and floof 2.
Chan _Idc
Chan _Idc 6 timmar sedan
I saw your card game at walmart today except I only brought 2 dollars with me T^T
Jaycee Urbano
Jaycee Urbano 46 minuter sedan
Zedd 6 timmar sedan
Ngliee Yt
Ngliee Yt 6 timmar sedan
Is nobody going to talk about the MeDiA oFfLiNe on gifs face
gael iñaki
gael iñaki 6 timmar sedan
ramarcus benton
ramarcus benton 6 timmar sedan
im 19 I know smosh
Yen For shells
Yen For shells 6 timmar sedan
Peter Edde
Peter Edde 6 timmar sedan
500k+ likes per video nice...
JOVRN3Y :3 7 timmar sedan
Ok I saw a TikTok where it says that u and dream are very similar and I am realizing that...o-0
o1 6 timmar sedan
shadow off the ghost gg
He left the lonely gang😂😔
Vivian Segraves
Vivian Segraves 7 timmar sedan
james: i got a girlfriend whos NOT jaiden!!!! shippers: what? we never shipped you with jaiden????? what about maaz? (i did not and do not ship these that's gross i just thought i was being funny) edit: wait i didnt even watch the end card yet-
Vivian Segraves
Vivian Segraves 7 timmar sedan
6:25 or any interaction between floof and floof 2. is it just me who gets reminded of aizawa and present mic????? am i just a big weeb?
Nathan Bobadilla
Nathan Bobadilla 7 timmar sedan
Please heart this Jaide- I MEAN JAMES!!
Noah Klement
Noah Klement 7 timmar sedan
jaiden and james
ArcWasFound 7 timmar sedan
Floof: *THihis SiGHn CanT STAuhP Me BeCaauSE I CANt ReeHeaeeDD*
Sera Heritage
Sera Heritage 7 timmar sedan
congrats my guy
Llama Salas
Llama Salas 7 timmar sedan
Keep your ship to your self
Anonymouz 7364
Anonymouz 7364 7 timmar sedan
Eu preciso de uma tradução....
Noah Klement
Noah Klement 7 timmar sedan
how do you animate, or what anima do you use?
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