My Girlfriend, My Best Friend and the Barfy Beach Date 

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My Gif is the best Beach
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Kian show
Kian show Timme sedan
“It’s not Jaiden and it never was” Me before you made this video: so it’s Jaiden right?
Cool waffle
Cool waffle 9 timmar sedan
I laughed at floofs auto tune voice
findley savage
findley savage 10 timmar sedan
James x DIO confirmed
ashleymichelle1982 16 timmar sedan
I love your videos
CannyYTfoX X*
CannyYTfoX X* 18 timmar sedan
I know cursed fnaf ships and I’m crying my eyes out :’(
River109 20 timmar sedan
I love floof 1s voice lol
Tanjiro_fan_0 Dag sedan
Why don't you dare jaiden
2:32 just using Google earth lol
Claribel Velasquez
Life's A Beach
Wren_skellygang Dag sedan
2:08 James...that bag kinda sus...
Aiden Davis
Aiden Davis Dag sedan
Kyle Armitage
Kyle Armitage Dag sedan
Really people need to just stop with the mask stuff already it’s a beach, what do you expect people to swim in hazmat suits
OrangeT0RNAD0 Dag sedan
0:17-0:23 * cough * cough * it’s actually a wife stampy has proved that
2:09 James has a pansexual pride flag and a LBGTQ+ flag- on his chest thing
ArmaniBoy2012 Dag sedan
I thought your girl was jaydin
Paul Oltman
Paul Oltman Dag sedan
0:21 a spot on smash bros
tails boy
tails boy Dag sedan
Do you know haminations
Roman Dag sedan
Is Jayden is Jayden your cousin and sister is Jaden your sister always thought that you were going with your sister and let you know you already have a sister but anyways getting your own cousin always wondered
Bloody Corporation Studios
4:36 really james? Are you that much of an asshole?
hi poo
hi poo Dag sedan
iT WAS JOKE oops caps
Amari Lewis
Amari Lewis Dag sedan
Damn not me watching my childhood birng ripped apart and concrats
Masteff Dag sedan
happy for you man :D
Froggi Dag sedan
2:10 notice how there’s a pansexual and rainbow flag on the cooler James is packing…
Sporty_ Barrel
Sporty_ Barrel Dag sedan
5:04 James: But That Beach was already full too. The beach: Legit just sand with no one.
Alkis Haralampidis
*Super autotune* Oh no! I just wanted to go to the beach! Why are you such bad owners!
Li Da Jun Benn
Li Da Jun Benn Dag sedan
James: I have a gf and its no Jaiden Me: Is it the elephant James: No Me:*doing research for who is james's gf is*
sultanah 11
sultanah 11 Dag sedan
I hate how your viedo turnd out🙃
Darkrious 45 minuter sedan
Get a load of this Jaiden x James fangirl, guys!
Gabriel Bautista
Gabriel Bautista 2 dagar sedan
Search DJ welch Tell me what you saw
D- Ty
D- Ty 2 dagar sedan
7:50 wait a minute this is that guy that was fired from McDonalds!
Daniel Obed Lizcano de la cruz
They can put subtitles in Spanish. Some things I don't understand :c
Mlo 2 dagar sedan
Plot Twist: his gf actually was Jaiden because the the dog was actually Ari (only jaiden fans will understand this)
Gabriel Bautista
Gabriel Bautista 2 dagar sedan
And by "my gf isn't Jaiden" He meant the actual name of her and jaiden is just a fake name because he wants to prank us IDK what happened to me
Clark Hoard
Clark Hoard 2 dagar sedan
Why does flof two look like scooby doo? just me?
Lazar Storm
Lazar Storm 2 dagar sedan
James x elephant
My animations
My animations 2 dagar sedan
Ur liiiiiiiiiiiiiit.... ok for real tho ur videos are so great!
Diana Lima
Diana Lima 2 dagar sedan
i love how he put the pride and pan flag
Richard W
Richard W 2 dagar sedan
Are you into guys XD
Yami_Minecraft 2 dagar sedan
2:08 y’all can stop asking now
Luyando muchaiwa
Luyando muchaiwa 2 dagar sedan
dont cus james
Baby Dominus
Baby Dominus 2 dagar sedan
Are you into guys?
Ryder Luttmerding
Ryder Luttmerding 2 dagar sedan
thanks for telling us you dont like being shipped with jaidon
kocicak cz
kocicak cz 2 dagar sedan
her face is beatiful
Dr.Mohammad Rafiqul Islam Bhuiyan Swaron
I thought you and Jaiden were you know because of the fandom sorry I am new to this animation community
Susan wolf
Susan wolf 3 dagar sedan
I mean... you could have at least put the dogs in the car- windows cracked down- for 10/15 minutes or so and at least had a nice walk on the beach :/
Johnny games
Johnny games 3 dagar sedan
James forgot to do the end card didn't he
Panda animations
Panda animations 3 dagar sedan
y e s
Madison Hause
Madison Hause 3 dagar sedan
What I tell every extrovert who doesn't get it: "You're being a lot right now."
xNestorio 3 dagar sedan
Theodd1sout x jaiden animations
Darkrious 43 minuter sedan
Jesus x You, please
PS JefSick
PS JefSick 3 dagar sedan
Dude no
Rhonda Smothers
Rhonda Smothers 3 dagar sedan
lyndsay rood
lyndsay rood 3 dagar sedan
i thot he was gay
lyndsay rood
lyndsay rood 3 dagar sedan
Tania Fader
Tania Fader 3 dagar sedan
The sad end to the jaiden and James colabs
Teddy Perea
Teddy Perea 3 dagar sedan
his GIF is probably Let me explain Studios
Steven Bergeron
Steven Bergeron 3 dagar sedan
2:20 when a nerd is going somewhere on Monday morning
Steven Bergeron
Steven Bergeron 3 dagar sedan
Also it is school
ulysses altamirano
ulysses altamirano 3 dagar sedan
No more shipping!
rachel 3 dagar sedan
anyone notice the pan flag and rainbow flag on the suitcase at 2:09
Yeldo! 3 dagar sedan
James: I have a girlfriend Me: Did you dream-fast with her when you hold hands?
Kristan Lacey
Kristan Lacey 3 dagar sedan
popo220979 3 dagar sedan
JxcK_M567 - Gaming and More
James: I don’t like guys. Stop asking. Also James (5:53): Ew, *dude*
Dave Tobias
Dave Tobias 3 dagar sedan
Plot twist: his GIF is Maaz
Itsallxhere 3 dagar sedan
Roopnarine Deonarine
Roopnarine Deonarine 3 dagar sedan
It's not Jaiden it never was So it's Becca?
Gamer 9000
Gamer 9000 3 dagar sedan
I love floof 1’s autotuned voice
Wolf_halo YT
Wolf_halo YT 3 dagar sedan
James: shipping real is bad Me: but what if those people are actually in a relationship COUGH COUGH-aarmau- COUGH
grogle vlogs now
grogle vlogs now 3 dagar sedan
the funny thing is that i am going to a lake to go boating is 1 hour and im watching theis vidio
Lollipop Snowy
Lollipop Snowy 3 dagar sedan
Idk why I like Floof’s auto tune voice at 2:20 Oh and at 6:24
david machado
david machado 3 dagar sedan
Nah, he just ate a microphone when james was not looking
Cristiano Lo muzio
Cristiano Lo muzio 3 dagar sedan
Cm on it can't be that dab, right?
Berge 3 dagar sedan
The only reason I subscribed to you: *YOU HAVE A GIRLFRIEND???* -oh is it jaiden? -NO -oh is it the elef- -NO -oh is it- -GOD DAMMIT NO!
Arsany Gamer
Arsany Gamer 3 dagar sedan
It’s 1 time not 1 times
And my dad just Called
Kick Buttowski
Kick Buttowski 3 dagar sedan
You Should Have Called Her GF Instead of GIF
YellowBird 4 dagar sedan
Artists in twitter making james x jaiden:
gamer team of gacha
gamer team of gacha 4 dagar sedan
I dint know ppl shipped you with Jayden………..this was the first time I’ve heard of it! Lol
Mac OS X
Mac OS X 4 dagar sedan
So i thought it was jaiden x james but not anymore
Cee play
Cee play 4 dagar sedan
Why do you have Ka t frairy
Cee play
Cee play 4 dagar sedan
Yor girlfriend is Jaden I know it!
PS JefSick
PS JefSick 3 dagar sedan
Nope stop shipping them,its not cool
Itsallxhere 3 dagar sedan
Kick Buttowski
Kick Buttowski 3 dagar sedan
Michael Strawser
Michael Strawser 4 dagar sedan
I shipped jelephant 😭
715los 4 dagar sedan
Lovvve your vids.
Greasy The fish
Greasy The fish 4 dagar sedan
8:05 that’s maaz
Greasy The fish
Greasy The fish 4 dagar sedan
Sorry james, but it soon will be jaiden……. I think
Darkrious 41 minut sedan
Both of you need to be shipped with Jesus, yikes
PS JefSick
PS JefSick 3 dagar sedan
Please dont send this to an 'artist'
Kick Buttowski
Kick Buttowski 3 dagar sedan
It Will
YUNG J 4 dagar sedan
So let me get this straight 11K people are upset because this man has actual life outside of SElosk maybe you should try getting a Life too
humininnn potat
humininnn potat 4 dagar sedan
next up he has a baby
Jules Khan
Jules Khan 4 dagar sedan
What is your workout plan James? I want to try it please.
Archer Ledford
Archer Ledford 4 dagar sedan
PS JefSick
PS JefSick 3 dagar sedan
Its not cool shipping people to each other,James has a life,don't decide for him
Miss Remarkable
Miss Remarkable 4 dagar sedan
So is James a bisexual-
NotHappyRainbow 4 dagar sedan
thank god.. now the dnf shipment will disappear
Aria 4 dagar sedan
You into guys?
HeyImSabeena 5 dagar sedan
Ayman Maliq
Ayman Maliq 5 dagar sedan
So l am like this wen l hear the news 😃😆😁😄😀😅😕🙁☹️😞😔😩😢
Zach Mangali
Zach Mangali 5 dagar sedan
In The End Your Not TheAMaazing Aren't You?
Ayman Maliq
Ayman Maliq 5 dagar sedan
Itsallxhere 3 dagar sedan
iie48 5 dagar sedan
This video was good
iie48 5 dagar sedan
Is it tho
mazydude 5 dagar sedan
3:35 James? Please explain.
Nonynoy 5 dagar sedan
No hate is a joke because I absolutely LOVE THIS CHANNEL but…GAY BEAN!!! SMOL BEAN!!
Brian Emrich
Brian Emrich 5 dagar sedan
Dang, 2:49 has a code in it. A code I don't understand... SOMEONE DECODE THE FOLLOWING NUMBERS: 22160
Oktay Gedik
Oktay Gedik 5 dagar sedan
James: its not jaiden and never was jaiden Shipers : im gonna pretend i didnt hear that
HUI ZHU 5 dagar sedan
ZerolordXXX King
ZerolordXXX King 5 dagar sedan
Don't ship people in real life because its weird and it makes them uncomfortable
Jochem Vogel
Jochem Vogel 5 dagar sedan
Is your girlfriend priscilla(or however you spell it), the first girl to slap you?
Debbie Lima
Debbie Lima 5 dagar sedan
I love your new shorts it's so funny you know the one that goes okay boss are getting your money but I'm in some pretty hot water right now
Debbie Lima
Debbie Lima 5 dagar sedan
True true true but what about the other one
👌~WoW💣 5 dagar sedan
James and Jaiden? WTF
Pikapokegamer 5 dagar sedan
Wait, so James isn't open anymore? Says the boy...
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