My Thoughts on Reality Shifting 

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Holy shift kids are trying to cross the multiverse just to be with Draco Malfoy. Second channel ➤ selosk.info/name/0GL...
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Hey if you're reading this, thanks for checking out the description. Sorry that I've been gone for awhile, but don't worry I've still been working hard. Pretty soon (and I mean this as 'odd1sout' amount of soon) I'll be dropping big news. It's the biggest news I've ever dropped. I can't wait until I'm allowed to talk about it! Thanks again for reading and have a day!!!

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10 apr 2021



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Fernando Langalú
Fernando Langalú 52 minuter sedan
4:48 "Do you have to share a body with the yous that have shifted to the same reality?!" Not that I believe in this stuff, but wouldn't that actually explain people with bipolarity or personality disorders?
Joshua Carrillo
Joshua Carrillo Timme sedan
Wait what happened to Jeff
Adrian Faldt
Adrian Faldt Timme sedan
Plottwist draco marry odd and they get arrested
Adrian Faldt
Adrian Faldt Timme sedan
He loves draco
Eclipsimus lunalus
Eclipsimus lunalus Timme sedan
Aww Thank you for clearing that up.
Federico Suntime
Federico Suntime 2 timmar sedan
Bro you watched too much rick and morty
Узвар 2 timmar sedan
you are the best youtuber
Узвар 2 timmar sedan
просто cool animation!
natalie rand
natalie rand 2 timmar sedan
I’m just gunna stand back and watch these 12 year olds go to hogwarts to get railed by Draco Malloy
Jenson Handforth
Jenson Handforth 2 timmar sedan
My brother said it's just rem sleep
angelitrol 2 timmar sedan
Q disen xd
Moe Haimin
Moe Haimin 2 timmar sedan
Moe Haimin
Moe Haimin 2 timmar sedan
I'm a Hobbit
I'm a Hobbit 3 timmar sedan
XD Akito XD
XD Akito XD 4 timmar sedan
James, so inspirational
CopperHead613 4 timmar sedan
and if you can shift, how do you get back to your normal reality?
Anna 4 timmar sedan
me watching casually watching this in my bucket hat: 👁️👄👁️
i love lankybox foxy and boxy
Im also a fan of harry potter and My hero academia who is your fav my hero academia person odd 1s out mine is deku and bakugou
Monte Young
Monte Young 5 timmar sedan
There's a reality that's Naruto exist
-WoodsOnline- 5 timmar sedan
5:58 look at the top of the bed rest XD
Malak Sayed
Malak Sayed 5 timmar sedan
your videos are short but i feel like their 20 mins long. so entertaning, i watched this video 3 times
Twink😭 6 timmar sedan
Daisy Walsh
Daisy Walsh 6 timmar sedan
6:26 is it just me or he looks like iida from my hero
Daisy Walsh
Daisy Walsh 6 timmar sedan
“Bakugou” 😭👌💖💖💖💖
Alice Petrino
Alice Petrino 6 timmar sedan
your uneducated on this subject, this is very misleading, please do your research before posting something untrue!
Darkrious 43 minuter sedan
B nezuko shikita
B nezuko shikita 6 timmar sedan
what a good video is very well animated
Greenboi75 6 timmar sedan
Don’t worry I don’t know how to make friends either… (help)
Skercro 6 timmar sedan
"Im a good person"
%nögiiië_ 7 timmar sedan
I didn't know James was bi 😳
15 Sebastian Radcliffe Imperio
lol bakugo
SkipperTheArtist 7 timmar sedan
I tried reality shifting recently and it didn't work so I was kinda like "damn this sucks I'm not gonna obsess over this" but idk some ppl claim to have lucid dreamt as well as shifting and say it's similar in a lot of ways but not the same. They could be lying idk but I find it also just as hard to believe that so many people would lie about such a specific thing as it is hard to believe that shifting exists in the first place. I haven't done enough research though so ig just let people have their fun I suppose
Daniel D. B. Barreiros
Daniel D. B. Barreiros 7 timmar sedan
in 2:20 I thought he would talk about cthulhu . Hahaha 😅
Shravya S
Shravya S 7 timmar sedan
My thoughts: I think it’s possible to reality shift. I haven’t done it myself, but I’m trying. However, it’s ridiculous to think that anime or fictitious universes are parallel amongst our own because that disobeys science. It’s a figment of your imagination, and whatever you imagine in your DR shouldn’t impact your thoughts on your CR in anyway.
;Gacha-fnaf_fan; 7 timmar sedan
The earth is not flat Vaccines work Fnaf is real. (Srsly search freddy fazbear’s pizza on google and there will be a locations tab)
QuicheMan 7 timmar sedan
There are places called Freddy's pizza and what not but they have nothing to do with the game
Sara Lynch
Sara Lynch 7 timmar sedan
The fact that James knows what mha is just makes him 100× more awesome to me tho he was already awesome to me so now hes 500% awesome to me
Tev Jun
Tev Jun 8 timmar sedan
The way you’re wrong about literally everything is so crazy ... ps I’m literally an adult man with a life and even before the internet I could understand the fact that there are multiple realities because it’s literally that simple a concept. Sorry that your so smart big boy brain couldn’t grasp onto that though. Also try to not tell us we are like racists or antivax people! Because what we do isn’t harming literally fucking anyone. Lol.
Darkrious 42 minuter sedan
Mhm, sure, believing it, go on grandpa
xXShinyHaxorusXx 8 timmar sedan
If you get bakugo, I get todoroki
shamer gamer
shamer gamer 8 timmar sedan
I'm unsubbing... ...because you like tiktok
NoGoodGod 8 timmar sedan
Who’s bokago
The Chilli Mango Arts
The Chilli Mango Arts 8 timmar sedan
Why are there so many dislikes wtf
DPrince 8 timmar sedan
sounds like big reality propaganda to me
amarie ww
amarie ww 8 timmar sedan
Make a video aboutnyour favorite animea
Connor C
Connor C 9 timmar sedan
Just because an infinite amount of parallel universes exist doesn't actually mean anything and everything has happened in some parallel universe. The chances of you becoming president is, while nearly nonexistent, still possible, and with an infinite number of parallel universes, the chances of a parallel you being president becomes 100%. However, while anything however unlikely has most likely happened in a parallel universe, it doesn't make something that is impossible possible. The possibility of the laws of physics being bent and magic existing is 0%. Therefore, no matter how many parallel universes there are, the chances of Hogwarts existing in one of them will still always be 0%.
ison 9 timmar sedan
Omg i actually mistakened reality shifting i thought it was just dreaming but they feel like they're there i thought that they were aware
Alyssa Nelson
Alyssa Nelson 9 timmar sedan
Sooo its "advanced" maladaptive daydreaming? And by "advanced" I just mean with more steps.... JOKES ON THEM! I don't need a script to waste my life dreaming about stuff that will never happen... At lest I know mines all fake.
R3ckless 9 timmar sedan
the theory is that its not exacly every decision it like uhm if its ur reality were u lost at a gambling small impact but then a car crash but then a reality there will be no car crash and reality shift thing no just no
Madison Sheridan
Madison Sheridan 9 timmar sedan
I love you videos I wish I had a plushie of you and I wish I could get married to you
Darkrious 41 minut sedan
Get married to Jesus, please
shamer gamer
shamer gamer 8 timmar sedan
You need jesus
Gangin 4Life
Gangin 4Life 9 timmar sedan
Nichita Dragoman
Nichita Dragoman 10 timmar sedan
Hi, I wanted to ask: what's your favorite chocolate bar?
Manatee Blues
Manatee Blues 10 timmar sedan
So I agree with most of this but I wanted to point something out James. Most of the reality shifters I've seen? They're kids in really abusive and toxic situations. You can't just tell somebody that they need to love the reality they're in because what if their reality is their parents fight everyday and take it out on them? What if their reality is their "friends" talk about them behind their backs but they don't know any different because they can't tell? My point is, yeah sure, believe what you like, but please don't say things like "Love the reality you're in" because it doesn't always reach the people you want it to. Sometimes it misses and hits the people who really don't need to hear it. /nm /neu
QuicheMan 7 timmar sedan
Life is hard for all of us, and I guess if it's used as a coping mechanism, that seems fine. A lot of these kids, though, are only supporting this theory of reality shifting because they're young and impressionable and want to believe that the things that they watch on TV are real
Deathstroke 10 timmar sedan
Wtf would anyone believe in shifting? It’s like the most shit believe, who ever disagrees, how does the chamber of secrets look like?
the Greenknight
the Greenknight 10 timmar sedan
What if there is a realty with no tic tic hmm realty shifters hmm mmmmmmmmmm mmmmmmmmmm m
MJ Mukbang
MJ Mukbang 11 timmar sedan
That’s not how it works Voldemort can’t follow u here because your body is going anywhere it’s just that your soul is being distributed in another reality
A Potato
A Potato 11 timmar sedan
Gabe The First
Gabe The First 11 timmar sedan
I really thought he was talking about reality benders like the scp foundation. Damn
ItachiXinferno 4
ItachiXinferno 4 11 timmar sedan
Emily Moon
Emily Moon 12 timmar sedan
I just got your book The odd 1s out The first sequel
Kaylee Thompson
Kaylee Thompson 12 timmar sedan
Good job in making this video, me and my sis really loved it! Keep up the great work
BUG4D0 S0NG4L30 12 timmar sedan
i bet two bags of fruity loops that the TheOdd1sOut love this comment.
puzzle 12 timmar sedan
Y’all need to go outside
shamer gamer
shamer gamer 7 timmar sedan
@puzzle good, it's better not to go into that tank of sharks
puzzle 7 timmar sedan
@shamer gamer I’m not hunting
shamer gamer
shamer gamer 7 timmar sedan
@puzzle I'm just saying that you shouldn't waste your time hunting them online, it's bad for your health
puzzle 7 timmar sedan
@shamer gamer y’all believe anything so foolish
puzzle 7 timmar sedan
@shamer gamer I go outside every I just been watch odds one out for a while but this community is weird
derdaclskn 12 timmar sedan
If you go to a reality there's no reality what happens ?
Ashna Rahman
Ashna Rahman 13 timmar sedan
well then ig i’ve tried to shift before bc i did a very similar thing as a kid where i would write a bunch of stuff about what i wanted to dream ab and then it would like happen
Leandros002 13 timmar sedan
This is me playing Detroit become human
LEtsGO53 13 timmar sedan
Y'know that means there's a reality where james isn't FAMOUS OHHH NO
Amelia_ Playz
Amelia_ Playz 13 timmar sedan
Adrián Daniel Figueroa Salinas
4:50 Harry Potter Dance
JeanilJ VillasmilCh
JeanilJ VillasmilCh 14 timmar sedan
actually James knows about quantum physics and their interpretations
A 14 timmar sedan
Of James can have hogwarts, I can have the highschool dxd world
Carter Hand
Carter Hand 14 timmar sedan
if 1 reality made a choice then another, that would make a second reality and that creats one and so on
Blue Side
Blue Side 14 timmar sedan
He got a point tho
Leee Leee
Leee Leee 5 timmar sedan
@shamer gamer wtf is tik tok logic ? even tik tok creator said that he is completely wrong with any point the said
shamer gamer
shamer gamer 8 timmar sedan
With tiktok logic, he does. I learned about shifting before tiktok picked it up
Leee Leee
Leee Leee 11 timmar sedan
he got nothing here. every point he mentioned in the video was fundamentally wrong
Kieth But zardy
Kieth But zardy 15 timmar sedan
Anti vacsers (btw I don’t now how to spell that.) are Karens.
JG3012 15 timmar sedan
Lucid dreams are better
Liam Laffin
Liam Laffin 15 timmar sedan
oh no he likes tik tok hes going dark boys
neil adair
neil adair 15 timmar sedan
Gonna hogworts tonight
Whintee 15 timmar sedan
you bad man
fr3ddy400 Gaming
fr3ddy400 Gaming 16 timmar sedan
9:33 who wouldn’t want to drop out of a puddle
Zachary Witt
Zachary Witt 16 timmar sedan
amogus cereal
yheet ok
yheet ok 16 timmar sedan
I think a lot of "reality shifting" is just lucid dreaming
Jaspet Wilker
Jaspet Wilker 14 timmar sedan
@zahinepic you don't need to dream or sleep to shift lol
zahinepic 15 timmar sedan
I just can't believe people believe this bullcrap.
zahinepic 15 timmar sedan
Yeah i think so aswell. Why does reality shifting methods requires sleeping? Lucid dream happens when you are fully aware you're actually dreaming thus , you can control what you dream. Why does reality shift feels so real? It's the same reason why people feel pleasure in a wet dream but this time your mind is fully aware that it's dreaming
Ecko Gal
Ecko Gal 16 timmar sedan
I love this guy loving insane people
Ray Navillus
Ray Navillus 16 timmar sedan
Yes, Dreams are as close as we are going to get to a shifting universe.
Lylah Rose
Lylah Rose 16 timmar sedan
James: these you’s are the same so would they try to go to the same desired reality? Me: No because one of the decisions was to read Harry Potter
shamer gamer
shamer gamer 8 timmar sedan
@Sailor Question thanks for having respect and not getting into pointless debates that sound like "whitty vs tricky"
Sailor Question
Sailor Question 14 timmar sedan
And there is a infinity number of "yous" who also read the book. But there is a infinity ammount of "yous" who are in a similar reality. So good luck, i don't believe in it but good luck i guess.
No Mercy
No Mercy 16 timmar sedan
5:31 Lmao
Yeet 16 timmar sedan
Is yeet Day yeet yeet yeet yeet yeet yeet yeet yeet yeet yeet yeet yeet yeet yeet yeet yeet yeet yeet yeet yeet yeet yeet yeet yeet yeet yeet yeet yeet yeet yeet yeet yeet yeet yeet yeet yeet yeet yeet yeet yeet yeet yeet yeet yeet yeet yeet yeet yeet yeet yeet yeet yeet yeet yeet yeet yeet yeet
roberta hope
roberta hope 16 timmar sedan
Can you try to draw me?
- arius moon -
- arius moon - 17 timmar sedan
Some random person: *Attempts to reality shift into the AOT universe*
ThatproXYZcodemanyes 17 timmar sedan
LILLIAN KAYED 17 timmar sedan
I think bakugou needs to be with IZUKU or not idc but not to real life people but I wish my hero was real.
tonyl986 gaming!
tonyl986 gaming! 17 timmar sedan
I think I shifted because my time I was playing basketball but then something hit me like not really but like a shock to my mind and everything felt dufferent
alexiarosalia 15 timmar sedan
@Drawtastic Art LMAOO
Drawtastic Art
Drawtastic Art 17 timmar sedan
That’s a concussion
Mina Ashido
Mina Ashido 17 timmar sedan
What I’ve learned from this video: draco and Bakugou belong to James. Period. End of sentence.
anime falls
anime falls 18 timmar sedan
'' U
Beastsir 18 timmar sedan
Astral projecting is creepy if you do it asleep your going to he floating while your body is asleep and then you will see a black figure it will be a demon he going to be creepy i mean creepy that you will probably have a heart attack or whatever then he will chase then you go back to your body but scared
Khaotic Khaï
Khaotic Khaï 7 timmar sedan
I think you're talking about a sleep paralysis , astral projection is , in fact being out of your body while asleep but you won't see any hallucinations
Tinh Truong
Tinh Truong 18 timmar sedan
No matter how to make you feel The Love tonight show with David Moyes
Tinh Truong
Tinh Truong 18 timmar sedan
Oh My SNSD do give you the best friend and the cockroaches Oggy and The city Vietnam
Benthe Eekhof
Benthe Eekhof 18 timmar sedan
Harry Potter
Tinh Truong
Tinh Truong 18 timmar sedan
Ok 😥 ice linh do you know what you are commenting using SElosk video editor APK Android
Tinh Truong
Tinh Truong 18 timmar sedan
Oh My God of high school chap nhan do
Slirp 18 timmar sedan
Lol if this is true why isnt there a reality that has visited our reality
Slirp 4 timmar sedan
@Jaspet Wilker ye
Jaspet Wilker
Jaspet Wilker 4 timmar sedan
@Slirp And you're entitled to that opinion. It's okay to have differing opinions to other people, as long as you're civil about it lol
Slirp 4 timmar sedan
Ok well. You can believe in what you want. But to me shifting just sounds like ‘thomas the train is the god of the solar system’ and ‘plumbers will get super powers because mario is real’
Jaspet Wilker
Jaspet Wilker 4 timmar sedan
@Slirp I'd say "That's unlikely, but why do you feel that way?" I'd state my opinion (because they're my friend, therefore I can state my opinion), but I also want to know why they feel that Mario is real, because I'm their friend.
Jaspet Wilker
Jaspet Wilker 4 timmar sedan
@Slirp I know, lol. So, using that, you could say that the idea of shifting is *more* likely than the idea of God. Also, agnostic is somebody who believes there's some form of higher power, but it isn't defined/they don't know what kind of higher power it is
Corrupteddroid 18 timmar sedan
are you ok?
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