The Netflix Series That Was Also Scary for Adult James 

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14 dec 2019



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Don Edwards
Don Edwards 2 timmar sedan
The interesting green expectantly switch because seeder conceivably kiss outside a unnatural eyelash. racial, annoyed ground
AC Mayfield
AC Mayfield 6 timmar sedan
The beginning of episode 2 reminds me of fragle rock
Rocky Raccoon
Rocky Raccoon 12 timmar sedan
Hay James did you know Netflix is making a Dark Crystal series
Ramona Chavez
Ramona Chavez 12 timmar sedan
Slenderman 15 timmar sedan
Where can i hire you?
Tristan Snapp
Tristan Snapp 17 timmar sedan
I’m already on episode two👍🏾😁
Milo Bixler
Milo Bixler Dag sedan
Denise Douton
Denise Douton Dag sedan
Eileen O'Connell
*a r e y o u s u r e a b o u t t h a t?*
LIM KER ERN Moe Dag sedan
James: HOW MANY LORE IS THERE? FNaF fans: Not enough, my friend
Sahil HX
Sahil HX 2 dagar sedan
Fun fact: I watched this on 2x speed
NinjaBob 2 dagar sedan
His head is like jeans man from mando
Eddie Santos
Eddie Santos 2 dagar sedan
Juan Carlos Avalos
Juan Carlos Avalos 2 dagar sedan
Hey my birthday was on May 27!
Will T
Will T 3 dagar sedan
1:22 That logan
Will T
Will T 3 dagar sedan
Nina Roxas
Nina Roxas 3 dagar sedan
The itchy backbone commonly watch because windshield recently choke pro a ill peony. tightfisted, elated step-daughter
Alex Stephenson
Alex Stephenson 3 dagar sedan
Looks like amongus
Duck Playz
Duck Playz 3 dagar sedan
Question: can aughra be turned into a slave/get her essins taken away?
Angel Irizarry
Angel Irizarry 3 dagar sedan
eula santos
eula santos 4 dagar sedan
Felicia B
Felicia B 4 dagar sedan
I need more!!! I was told you were the one to come to so um pls make another vid and spark another netflix season. Thanks!
Guesty666 4 dagar sedan
My mom and dad did see the Dark crystal series 2 or 3 years
Scott Wesner
Scott Wesner 4 dagar sedan
The Dark Crystal at 1:01 looks like Minecraft writing
Logan Dave
Logan Dave 4 dagar sedan
I’m subscribe to To the guy who does the lizard thing
Chinyere Clemons
Chinyere Clemons 4 dagar sedan
The Jim Henson movie that traumatized me was the labyrinth but i still watch it to this day😌
Dino Xander
Dino Xander 5 dagar sedan
Guys it’s so easy to be chamberland you just need to say please and mmmmmmmMMMmmmmmmmmmmm
ARO Mo 5 dagar sedan
man i love furry's aaaannnndddd mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm there cool
Jared Brannon
Jared Brannon 5 dagar sedan
I was like baby James when I watched it
fans of arcadia
fans of arcadia 5 dagar sedan
I never made through episode 2
Totetsky Cover Songs
Totetsky Cover Songs 5 dagar sedan
james i seen the dark crystal in netflix
Abby Smith
Abby Smith 6 dagar sedan
Deet was my favorite new character because she's so adorable
mc green
mc green 6 dagar sedan
Meet my family 5:20
Maximo T
Maximo T 7 dagar sedan
Fun fact: I’m looking if she’s comment
Melinda Schied
Melinda Schied 7 dagar sedan
Nobody- Literally nobody in the entire world- Chamberlain ( idk how to spell it ) - MmMmMMMMmmmmM
Rough Cut
Rough Cut 7 dagar sedan
when u talk about that dude eating porridge , I thought I was listening to Ryan Reynolds
Ryan👌 7 dagar sedan
🔴🔴🔴I’m live look at my youtube
XxXFORTUNE COOKIEXxX 7 dagar sedan
Barnabydixon is amazing.
felipe lipe
felipe lipe 8 dagar sedan
Like per nothing
Wazappe 9 dagar sedan
Eebee23 And Stuff
Eebee23 And Stuff 9 dagar sedan
2:35 look at the hand ;)
Clone Beats
Clone Beats 9 dagar sedan
8:10 Tabi?
sytrosianoverlord 9 dagar sedan
Wait a minute how can he have porridge there, porridge is made of oats and oats are found on earth and Thra is another alien planet how is that possible
Red Ricky Racer
Red Ricky Racer 9 dagar sedan
James, your drawings keep getting better and better
Aqil Bloxxer
Aqil Bloxxer 10 dagar sedan
Emma McIver
Emma McIver 10 dagar sedan
Orlov 10 dagar sedan
Hey James did you know there’s a dark crystal series
Elemental Entity
Elemental Entity 11 dagar sedan
I love age of resistance. You nailed it! Many of the main complaints I have you covered.
Tammy Nie
Tammy Nie 11 dagar sedan
"Bakugo has no rights." - James Dec 2019
Omar Omar
Omar Omar 11 dagar sedan
Thanks all lot now you let my parrot say hmmmmmmmmmmm
ethan lam
ethan lam 12 dagar sedan
I bought ur book at chapters
Hassan Zaul Mohamed Imran
Greyson Smartt
Greyson Smartt 12 dagar sedan
Um guys I watched the movie with my cuz and we actually cursed his was the first time I cursed and im 9 years old
The pika Who knows hitler
Now I’m never watching this movie
𝘮𝘦𝘭𝘰𝘥𝘺 !
Jakkapun Wanichkul
Jakkapun Wanichkul 13 dagar sedan
Wait where is Chamberlain mmmmmmmm
Jakkapun Wanichkul
Jakkapun Wanichkul 13 dagar sedan
Wait where is Chamberlain
13 dagar sedan
Draco is mine back off james😒🤚
Quackyice pizza
Quackyice pizza 13 dagar sedan
hey james its 2021 now
DraconisKiller 13 dagar sedan
Hey James, I have the official Dark Crystal Bestiary. Also, Skekso is the Emperor Skeksil is Chamberlin
Kate Nguyen
Kate Nguyen 13 dagar sedan
I just started the dark crystal on Netflix and I think it’s already bussin
regina smith
regina smith 13 dagar sedan
my eyes burn help me
MrWhatdafuBOOM 13 dagar sedan
James: "I want a Season 2 to get made." Netflix: _"Are you sure about that?"_
savanahcomicdubs 13 dagar sedan
hi im a big fan but guess what on netflix there is a dark crystal seris!!!
Pe Su
Pe Su 14 dagar sedan
When is the series coming out
Francis Stories
Francis Stories 14 dagar sedan
Typhoon Prapiroon
Typhoon Prapiroon 14 dagar sedan
Tino Arg
Tino Arg 14 dagar sedan
Hi James your funny 😅😅😅😅😅😅😅😅
PGC Animations
PGC Animations 14 dagar sedan
Those things scared me
Hamish Dill
Hamish Dill 14 dagar sedan
Hey, James those tree people are called urSkeks I think
Jack David T. Colasito
Jack David T. Colasito 14 dagar sedan
odd mannequin animations
I would be traumatized by this, too. Not gonna lie.
QL - 04RI 830882 Credit Valley PS
Mmmmmmmmmmight as well mmmmmmmmmmm!
Dwarfdealer 14 dagar sedan
Fox Gaming
Fox Gaming 14 dagar sedan
I started watching it and paused it at exactly 3:00 lol but I have only watched it for 4 minutes and 15 seconds (I used my big brain) and I’m impressed
xXPumpTheGamerXx 15 dagar sedan
SRH(somerandomehuman) 15 dagar sedan
i watched the entire dark crystal series without slo mo it was very long
Dariel Gomez
Dariel Gomez 16 dagar sedan
Dariel Gomez
Dariel Gomez 16 dagar sedan
Keiki Cardenas
Keiki Cardenas 16 dagar sedan
you saying the fantom menice is bad!?!?
PharohGD 16 dagar sedan
I edited the Hunter Skeski page look :)
Can pick up lunch and Vaughan
Wait what
Zitha Does Magic
Zitha Does Magic 16 dagar sedan
Julian Martin
Julian Martin 17 dagar sedan
Julian Martin
Julian Martin 17 dagar sedan
SnappySheep982 17 dagar sedan
Hello love the antns
Bluebell Blossom
Bluebell Blossom 18 dagar sedan
It starts with a character we’ve never seen before Waking up And putting on his shoes And making porridge And spelling the porridge on a shirt Then brushing his hair Then roughing it up And grabbing his cleaning supplies
Bluebell Blossom
Bluebell Blossom 18 dagar sedan
Bluebell Blossom
Bluebell Blossom 18 dagar sedan
0:00 hey maybe 27th is my birthday 😄
Texas Gamer Kid
Texas Gamer Kid 18 dagar sedan
Am I right chamberlain Funko Pop mmmmmmmmmmmm
Mally B
Mally B 18 dagar sedan
I loved loved loved it - I was terrified as a child too. I would hate to meet a Skeksis, but what a true honour of was to see one up close. Lisa Henson, your family have been a cult classic in my childhood and billions others - even if you repeat it straight to DVD, do it.
Koenraad Schoonjans
Koenraad Schoonjans 18 dagar sedan
SincerelyJames 18 dagar sedan
**someone says 80s puppet movie** Labyrinth: DaNcE mAgIc dAnCe
A.M. The Shiny Johto Hunter
Been watching and did you know there IS a reference to Raunip in episode 6(?) in the name of a place called “Raunip’s pass”
Caitspaints 19 dagar sedan
Coralline traumatized me when I was little
Maryam Assy
Maryam Assy 19 dagar sedan
dark crystal is not scary
asher cosio
asher cosio 20 dagar sedan
this c vid came out on my b-day
khin mya
khin mya 20 dagar sedan
wow u are a very very stem hot
Rathana Perez
Rathana Perez 20 dagar sedan
4 years ago
dog boi
dog boi 20 dagar sedan
DoodleBoop The Mako Simp
Willy B
Willy B 21 dag sedan
the dark crystal age of resistance isn’t really a reboot more a prequel
Tabletop Games
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Reading Fables
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Movies I Thought Were Weird
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